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Firearms Law is complexed,

The Home Office and Firearms Licensing Units have adopted the following guidance offered by the GTA which was compiled from the firearms act and relevant legislation.

Greater Manchester Police Firearms & Explosives Unit has agreed to publish the guidance on the forces website to educate the some 9000 licence holders under the GMP Area

anyone who does not follow the guidance could find themselves foul of the law.

Remote Sales - Nationwide (We urge RFD`s to contact you local FLU, BASC or the GTA for GUIDANCE

Remote sales are those sales made when a Registered Firearms Dealer
(RFD) sells a firearm or shotgun to a purchaser who is not present at the
moment of sale and wants the newly acquired firearm or shotgun sent to
another RFD for collection.
The procedure for such a "remote" sale is as follows:

First and foremost the seller (RFD no.1), must see the purchaser's firearm or
shotgun Certificate before the sale is undertaken (Firearms Act 1968, Section 3
Having checked the Certificate, RFD no.1 fills in the necessary details and
returns the Certificate to the purchaser.
RFD no.1 then notifies the Chief Officer of Police who issued the purchaser's
Certificate within 7 days of the sale.
The notification must include a description of the firearm/shotgun.
Having paid RFD no.1, the purchaser nominates a second dealer (RFD no.2)
in a location, remote from RFD no.1, where the purchaser wishes to take
possession of the firearm/shotgun.
RFD no.1 will arrange for the firearm/shotgun to be sent to RFD no.2, and make
the necessary entries in his Register.
The entry in the Register will say:
"sold to Mr .. Certificate no.... xxx ... and forwarded to RFD no.2 for
RFD no.2 will receive the firearm/shotgun, contact the purchaser who will
present himself to RFD no.2 with his completed Certificate and take possession
of the firearm/shotgun, as per the instructions on the purchaser's Certificate.
The purchaser must notify his Chief Officer of Police, of the transfer within 7
RFD no.2 will record in both the "In" and "Out" sections of his Register within 24
hours of the transaction taking place.
Normally, both RFD no.1 and RFD no.2, will make a charge to the purchaser
for the transport of the firearm/shotgun and for the face to face transfer
undertaken by RFD no.2.

(Data Sheet Above Supplied From the GTA)


You local RFD will more than likely charge you for the handling of this transaction, we have seen prices from £25 to a stagering £70.00 for this service being offered.


This is best practice

RFD1 TO RFD2 Sales

 If the RFD2 is to purchae a firearm or shogun from RFD1 this is normal practice.

SGC & FAC Holders Beware

We will also publish here some guidance for remote purchases and sales of firearms and shotgun for SGC/FAC holders

As the law extends to anyone who holds a SGC or FAC who takes payment for a firearm without seeing the purchasers SGC or FAC  dont fall foul to the law your SGC/FAC would be at risk.

Call your local FLU or FEO for clarification.


- FAC - Firearms Certificate Holder

-SGC - Shotgun Certificate Holder