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ASE Moderator & Muzzle Break S Series SL7i-BL

ASE Moderator & Muzzle Break S Series SL7i-BL

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ASE Muzzle Break & Moderator S Series SL7i - BL

30 Cal to 338 Lapua Magnum


The Ase Utra S series SL7i-BL is a fast attaching suppressor intented for bolt action hunting, target and sniper rifles from 7.62 mm NATO up to.338 Lapua Mag.

The recommendation for only bolt action is due to our introduction of the SL5i-BL 7.62 Low Pressure suppressor, being a recommended model for semi/select fire rifles.

The S series SL7i-BL suppressors are mounted with a Ase Utra BoreLock flash hider mount or muzzle brake mount.

Manufactured in Finland by Ase Utra Oy, the SL7i-BL suppressors are manufactured with a combination of black steel and 300 series stainless steel and are assembled by welding.*

Various BoreLock muzzle brake mounts are available, to adapt the suppressor to a multitude of weapons, without permanent modifications to them.

ASE Moderaror & Muzzle Break S Series SL7i-BL

30 cal to 338 Lapua Magnum normally From Stock

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